Frequently asked Questions

  • question_answerWhat's cool about Interview Mantra?keyboard_arrow_down
    We're offering an online tool and peer review platform for driven candidates looking to prepare faster and more efficiently for life's biggest interviews!

    We follow a steady approach of registration on our portal, choose from industries experts, get a time slot and go ahead with your mock interview.

    Interview mantra has designed in such a way that practice & preparation go hand-in-hand to get over your anxieties while attending an interview.
  • question_answerHow long will it take for me to complete the course?keyboard_arrow_down
    There is no course limit. It is a never-ending process. Learning is a never-ending process. However, you may buy credits anytime and go on practicing.

    As you increase / decrease your intensity, the time will decrease / increase. Do note that we highly recommend maintaining a streak, as learning becomes much faster if you are consistently practicing every day.
  • question_answerHow Does Interview Mantra work?keyboard_arrow_down
    • Step 1 - Create an account by signing up using your email, verify it & you're all set to go on a life-changing journey with Interview Mantra. Just log in, and you are all set to use our resources.
    • Step 2 - Complete all the itineraries before scheduling an interview, so that our expert(s) can analyze your profile.
    • Step 3 - Pick an available slot that accommodates your timetable and get an affirmation via email and SMS. Concur your interview skills with our assistant and hand-picked resources. You are good to go to confront your mock interview!
    • Step 4 - Get extensive feedback on your performance. We will give you a scorecard underlining your qualities, customized tips on improving more fragile regions and a link attached with the audio of your interview so that you can also examine it yourself too.
  • question_answerWhat kind of feedback will I get at the end of the mock interview? keyboard_arrow_down
    There's no general answer to this question because the mock interview service is very customized, so different candidates will get different feedback. The result varies upon a case by case.

    In general, the interviewer will comment on your overall performance. Most importantly, they will point out your shortcomings (if any) and provide advice on how to be better prepared. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with detailed feedback, including your scores.

    What's more, we strongly encourage candidates to share their concerns or questions at the end of the interview, so it's a good idea to come up with some questions before the mock interview.
  • question_answerWhat types of interview does Interview Mantra provide? keyboard_arrow_down
    Right now, Interview Mantra conducts a mock interview for every student who has cleared higher education or is a college graduate and wants to crack an interview in the first go.

    Meanwhile, if you have been taking a few interviews, you will acknowledge how comparative interviews among these organizations could be. For those top organizations, the meeting procedure is incredibly standard: you will experience a similar kind of meeting regardless of what position you are applying for. That is actually what we center around.
  • question_answerI'm not ready yet, should I take a mock interview? keyboard_arrow_down
    Actually, you are never going to feel completely arranged. The general purpose of a mock interview is to give you "a chance to fail" securely and gain from the "disappointment."

    A typical pattern from our past users is to have multiple mock interviews throughout the preparation: one at the beginning, one in the middle and one right before the real interview. Having a mock interview early means you still have time to adjust your preparation strategy. And the one before real interviews helps you overcome nervousness.
  • question_answerHow does Interview Mantra protect my privacy? keyboard_arrow_down
    Interview Mantra cares about the privacy of both interviewers and candidates. For candidates, no information, including resume and interview results, will be shared outside Interview Mantra(except with interviewers). So it’s a totally safe environment for people to practice interviews.

    For interviewers, we won’t disclose their personal information before an interview is scheduled since, in the past, interviewers were frequently bothered by random people. However, all our interviewers are manually verified by our staff before they can conduct mock interviews through Interview Mantra. If anyone receives too much negative feedback, they will be removed from our interviewer pool.
  • question_answerWhat is the interview reschedule/cancelation policy? keyboard_arrow_down
    We regard both interviewers’ and our candidates’ time, and we trust everybody does. Accordingly, we have the accompanying interview reschedule/cancel policy:
    • 1. For a full refund, meetings must be rescheduled/canceled 3 days prior to given time. If the questioner needs to reschedule/cancel the interview without prior notice, we will offer this interview for free (potentially with another questioner).
    • 2.For each interview, if the applicant is more than 30 minutes late, the interviewer can choose to cancel the interview with no refund. So also, if the interviewer is more than 30-minutes late, the applicant can choose to reschedule the session with a full refund, which implies they get the mock interview for free.
  • question_answerWill I get interview preparation tips? keyboard_arrow_down
    Obviously, after you have completed your mock interview, it’s interview training time. Questioners will give you a lot of job interview advice on how you can be better arranged. Additionally, our weekly blog entries have plenty of interview tips and hacks.
  • question_answerHow will I get placement after completing the course? keyboard_arrow_down
    Don’t worry; we have planned everything for you, go to and search for your desired job according to your job profile and apply for it.

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